Hi! I’m Sarah

The girl behind THE WORKS, a lifestyle brand and blog that encompasses fitness, food, love, real life and heartache. I am a momma to 3 beautiful earth babies, Waylon and twins, Della and Van,  and 1 sweet angel in heaven, Grace, and wife to a my super sonic husband, John.

I’ve been teaching yoga and energetic movement for over 13 years.  My love for a strong physical practice along with a deep love and need to go below the surface in search of real and raw emotional connection and release led to my signature class The Works. 

I have co-owned Charleston Power Yoga in downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant for over 9 years and I am inspired daily by the amazing community and crew I get to live and work alongside.

I’m no stranger to life’s fires and through my work have found a way to let these things empower me and in turn make me stronger… The Works was created as a way to simulate the fire and practice the through.  It’s the work that works and something I believe in very deeply.

I spell like a 5 year old and my grammer is terrible and I care zero.  I love words and how they make me and other people feel.  Enjoy.  xx, Sarah



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